Privacy Policy

Third-party services

SeriesGuide uses

  • Google Analytics,
  • Crashlytics and
  • Answers

which may collect information about your device, log information (for example crash logs) and used features and screens. But never personally identifiable information. This data is transferred, stored and used in the United States and other countries where the above services operate.

SeriesGuide sets the IP Anonymization flag for Google Analytics which tells Google Analytics to remove the last octet of your IPv4 address or the last 80 Bits of your IPv6 address prior to disk storage. Answers Audience Insights and Crashlytics IP tracking are disabled.

This data is used to maintain and improve SeriesGuide for you and others and help with the development of new features.

Detailed information on how these services handle the collected data can be found in

Opt out of Google Analytics tracking

You may opt out of tracking:

  1. From the show list, tap Open navigation drawer .
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Advanced.
  4. Uncheck Google Analytics to disable tracking.

SeriesGuide Cloud

SeriesGuide Cloud uses App Engine and Cloud Datastore of the Google Cloud Platform. These are covered by

If you sign in to SeriesGuide Cloud, the email address you used to sign will be stored, in addition to your SeriesGuide data (e.g. your shows, episodes, movies, statistics). You may remove your email address and data by removing your account on all devices connected to SeriesGuide Cloud. You can also send me an email, if you want me to purge your data.


If you contact me (e.g. via Email, Twitter, Facebook or Google+), I may keep a record of your communications to help solve any issues you might be facing. I may use your email address or contact data to inform you about SeriesGuide, such as letting you know about upcoming changes or improvements.

App permissions

What follows are explanations of why SeriesGuide requires certain permissions.

Use accounts on the device
Add or remove accounts
Create accounts and set passwords
Find accounts on the device
SeriesGuide creates an account to integrate with the Android sync framework and to store your trakt credentials. You can have a look at it in Android Settings > Accounts.

Google Play billing service
SeriesGuide provides an in-app purchase to unlock all features. This is handled by Google Play.

Full network access
SeriesGuide needs to download information from its data sources to display them inside the app (from TheTVDB, TMDb and trakt). Also integration with trakt or SeriesGuide Cloud requires an internet connection.

Control Near Field Communication (NFC)
SeriesGuide allows you to beam a show to another device (open a show overview, then tap two devices together) using Android Beam, which requires NFC.

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Test access to protected storage
The Backup/Restore tool as well as Auto-Backup write and read their files from your external storage (USB/SD card/integrated).

View network connections
SeriesGuide has the option to only download images over WiFi and needs to behave well if you are offline. So it needs to check which, if any, connections are currently available.

Control vibration
SeriesGuide can show notifications, these can be set to vibrate.

Prevent phone from sleeping
SeriesGuide listens when an extension is uninstalled or updated so it can remove or update it. While reacting to such a change, SeriesGuide needs to ensure your device does not go to sleep in the middle of it.

Run at startup
SeriesGuide can show notifications, so at startup it makes sure that the notification service is re-scheduled to wake up for the next one. This is delayed so it will not slow down your boot process.

Read sync statistics
Read sync settings
Toggle sync on and off
SeriesGuide integrates with the Android sync framework for content updates (see Settings > Basics > Auto-Update and Android Settings > Accounts). This allows to toggle sync within the app and see if an update is currently running.

Install shortcuts
From a show overview page you can create a shortcut. SeriesGuide needs this permission to automatically add it to your home screen.