SeriesGuide helps you keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies.

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Find shows to track

SeriesGuide suggests currently trending shows (powered by trakt) and is backed by the huge TV show catalog of TheTVDb.

Even access your trakt recommendations and library after connecting your account.

You can also create a movie watchlist and build a movie collection (syncable with trakt).

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Check In and Share

Check in what you are watching on trakt.

Or hit the share button to post an awesome episode to any Android app, including Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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See your progress

Visual indicators make it easy to spot unseen episodes and the statistics tool lets you see how you are doing.

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And more

You also get

  • a resizable home screen widget,
  • an additional Light and Dark theme*,
  • new episode notifications*,
  • third-party extensions for episode actions,
  • shortcuts to your favorite shows*,
  • custom lists,
  • syncing with trakt,
  • JSON export

and much more.

*pay to unlock

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