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Check in, set watched, add to collection and skip

Each episode displays a button bar with four actions:

Episode actions

  • Check in via tvtag or trakt if you are watching right now.
  • Set watched if you have (just) watched this.
  • Add to collection if you purchased (DVD, Blu-Ray) or downloaded this.
  • Skip if you don't want to watch this episode right now. (Not synced with trakt!)

Tip On Android you can touch and hold most buttons to show a brief description.

How check-ins work

Check-in to let friends or the world know what you are watching right now. With SeriesGuide, depending on which service you use, check-ins behave a little differently.

Checks into single episodes, so look out which episode is displayed when you check in.
Checks into a show. You can use the Paste title button to include the watched episode title in your check in comment.

Remove a show

To remove a show:

  1. From the show list, touch Menu of a show.
  2. Touch Remove.

Restore a hidden show

To restore a hidden show:

  1. From the show list, touch the funnel-shaped icon Filter shows.
  2. Touch Remove all filters.
  3. Touch the funnel-shaped icon Filter shows again, then touch Hidden.
  4. Touch Menu of a show, then touch Un-Hide.
  5. Touch the funnel-shaped icon Filter shows again, then touch Remove all filters.

Manually update shows

Update a single show:

  1. From the show list, touch Menu of a show.
  2. Select Update.

Update all shows:

  1. From the show list, touch Menu .
  2. Touch Advanced.
  3. Touch Update (outdated only) or Update (all).

Backup or restore your data

To backup or restore your shows, lists and movies:

  1. From the show list, swipe from the left edge to open the navigation drawer.
  2. Touch Settings > Advanced > Backup/Restore.
  3. Follow the instructions.

Tip Some users sync their backup file with e.g. Dropbox.

Restore your data from an Auto-Backup

In case your shows, lists and movies get lost and you didn't use trakt or SeriesGuide Cloud, SeriesGuide creates weekly automatic backups to the Download folder of your device. You can turn this off in advanced settings.

To restore an Auto-Backup:

  1. From the show list, swipe from the left edge to open the navigation drawer.
  2. Touch Settings > Advanced > Backup/Restore.
  3. Look for the Restore Auto-Backup button to restore from the last auto-backup.

Change the app language

If available, SeriesGuide will use the language your Android device is set to. Otherwise it will fall back to English. To change the language of your Android device look in the Android Settings app.

Note All translations come from volunteers who translate free of charge (!) on crowdin. Please consider to translate or proof read!

Should I sync with SeriesGuide Cloud (or trakt)?

It depends on the devices and apps you use.

SeriesGuide Cloud
You only use SeriesGuide, maybe even on multiple devices. You want to sync favorite and hidden state of shows. You want to sync skipped episodes, in addition to watched/collected state. You don't want to create a trakt account.
You use other apps (e.g. apps on iOS, a media center) connected to trakt or the trakt website to access and sync your trakt library, to check in, mark episodes watched/collected or modify your movie watchlist and collection.

Note You can be connected to SeriesGuide Cloud and trakt at the same time. Checking in, sending watched/collected state to trakt, commenting, rating, etc. will still work as expected. However, sync with trakt will be disabled (new shows auto-add, episode watched/collected state download, movie watchlist and collection sync).

Tip You can always change your mind! First, disconnect SeriesGuide Cloud and trakt. Then, sign in again into either SeriesGuide Cloud or trakt. The shows and movies on your device will be merged with the data already existing on the service you signed into.

Migrate from SeriesGuide X to SeriesGuide

Since mid-2013 SeriesGuide X is an unlock key for all features in the free version ("X Pass").

Please migrate your shows to the free version of SeriesGuide.

In SeriesGuide X:

  1. Touch Backup Shows.
  2. Once the backup is complete a new option appears offering to install SeriesGuide. Touch Install SeriesGuide and proceed with installation.

Once installed, in SeriesGuide use the Backup/Restore tool to restore the backup you created. Reconnect any accounts (trakt, tvtag) and change settings to your liking.

Fix an issue

Quality of translations

If you found an error in the translation drop a message.

Even better, consider to translate or proof read on crowdin!

Watch shows or movies

You can not watch shows or movies within SeriesGuide.

However, below each episode or in the menu of each movie you will find links to popular services where you can (depending on your country) watch or purchase content.

Shows or episodes are not updated regularly

Make sure Turn on Auto Update is enabled in SeriesGuide settings (swipe from the left edge, touch Settings > Basics) and you have a working internet connection.

Make sure that Auto-sync data ("global sync") is enabled in the Android Settings app (see Data usage > Menu , only Android 4.4 and lower).

You can check the last time SeriesGuide did sync by looking at the SeriesGuide account in the Android Settings app (see Accounts).

As a last resort, try to manually update or remove a show and add it again. Keep in mind that more information might not be available, yet or your connection is temporarily broken (it happens, the internet is not perfect).

Missing or incorrect information about shows, episodes or movies

First of all, make sure Auto Update is working.

Otherwise, the information on TheTVDb (shows) or TMDb (movies) might be wrong or outdated. SeriesGuide gets its data from, an open user-maintained TV database and, an open user-maintained movie database.

You may consider helping those projects to add or update show and movie information. Look on their websites for further information: Guidelines for, About

Wrong air/release times

SeriesGuide gets its data from, an open user-maintained TV database (see above) and trakt. The release times there are restricted to the original release in the country of origin.

Tip If you want local listings and listings of re-broadcasts, please look for a suitable TV guide offering in your region.

If the release country is known (check trakt show page), SeriesGuide will assume the release time to be in a timezone of this country (e.g. Pacific Time for US shows, British Time for British shows, Central European Time for German shows, ...) and convert it to your device time zone. See supported countries and time zones.

If the release country is not known, SeriesGuide will assume the country to be the United States of America.

Info If your device is set to a US or Canada mainland time zone, SeriesGuide will automatically adjust the release time (e.g. one hour earlier in Central Time).

If you believe a release time is incorrectly converted from the time displayed on trakt, please drop a message.

tvtag check-ins do not work

  1. From the check-in dialog, touch Fix tvtag check-in.
  2. Select the show you want to check in to. If it is not listed, touch Looking for something else? and enter a search term, then press Enter or Search on your keyboard.
  3. Select the show you want to check into and touch Save selection.
  4. Touch Check-In to repeat the check-in.

The widget displays no data or is missing

You may have moved SeriesGuide to the SD card/external storage. For SeriesGuide to work properly it has to be installed on your device/internal memory. Move it back and everything should be fine again (if not, try rebooting your device).

After changing the time zone, times are incorrect

Please stop SeriesGuide and restart it:

  1. Open the Settings app from the app drawer.
  2. Touch on Apps.
  3. Find SeriesGuide in the list of downloaded apps and tap on it.
  4. Touch Force stop.
  5. From your launcher, start SeriesGuide again.

If that won't help, try to update all shows.

trakt integration

Connect to trakt

  1. From the show list, swipe from the left edge to open the navigation drawer.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch Services.
  4. Touch Connect to trakt and follow the given instructions.

Troubleshooting If you can't connect, try changing your password so it does not contain any special characters (but keep it long!). Make sure to connect with your trakt username and not your email address.

When using a privacy tool (e.g. a Xposed module), make sure SeriesGuide has access to the Android account system. It needs an account to store your trakt credentials and sync.

Add shows from your trakt library

  1. From the show list, touch .
  2. Swipe to the Library tab.
  3. Touch on the + next to a show to add it to SeriesGuide.

Info SeriesGuide will sync which episodes are already watched and collected from trakt after adding a show.

What is synced with trakt

Submitted immediately to trakt. On the next sync checked-in episodes (via SeriesGuide or trakt) are marked as watched within SeriesGuide on all your devices.

Episode watched and collected flags
Movie watchlist and collection
Changes in SeriesGuide are sent immediately to trakt. Changes on trakt (e.g. by SeriesGuide on your other devices) will appear on the next sync.

Drop a message!

Post to the SeriesGuide Community or email me.